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  • It's not even 3.3v, but VDD+0.3v

  • It's not a typo.

    Kinetis MK64 are 5v tolerant on digital pins (not analog ones!) Kinetis MK66 are only VDD+0.3v tolerant (so not even 3.3v tolerant it VDD < 3v).

    Hint: check datasheet asbolute ratings for VDDIO.

  • I couldn't agree more. Openharware is nice, but opensource tools are much more valuable.

  • There is also an interesting property for copper: it can be plated easily (electroplating).
    Just put a conductive varnish on your positive mold, put it into an electroplating bath (copper sulfate). Some time and current, and voila, a nice negative mold.

  • So sparkfun should have put i2c level converter since this board is really targeted for 5v operation.
    It's not possible to add level conversion without adding another 1.8v regulator since 1.8v is not directly accessible.
    In this actual form, this breakout is nearly useless for all people using arduino and other microcontroller with 3.3/5v I2C interfaces.

  • Section 2.2 gives 1.8 typical for VDD_IO and VDD_IO < VDD+0.1v
    But I agree it's far from being "normal" operation.
    Anyway there is some interesting chips from TI/Maxim and others for this kind of level shifting. An idea for a breakout, or as update to this one as 1.8v I2C is not common (mainly targeted for SoC like omap/tegra).

  • It seems that the I/O data lines are 3.3v tolerant at least (but need to be confirmed).
    For I2C you need bidirectional level shifters, look at this nxp AP note:

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