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  • Another +1! Gordon has done such excellent work with Espruino and is hardly recognized in the Maker community at large. I wish Sparkfun would take off their Arduino blinders and put more support behind modern efforts to make electronics easy.

  • I disagree as well. Sure, microcontrollers have their place, but I'm a strong proponent of using the right tool for the job. Sometimes the 555 is the right tool, so use it when it is! This is why so many "Makers" get stuck trying to design a product and ending up with a crappy result. There's really no need to throw a frickin' Arduino at every problem, and the "programmable solution" doesn't teach them a thing about turning their lab bench prototype into a reliable product. And if you're going to promote using a microcontroller, why does it always have to be a stupid ancient AVR? They are what should have been retired a long time ago, IMHO. But then, like you say, old habits die hard.

  • Because of to the high peak current these modules require, an excellent power supply for stable operation is the LiFePO4wered/USB module (http://lifepo4wered.com). It's been tested with the ESP8266, it should work great with the ESP32 as well. Check it out.

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