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  • Yup, got the same unit in my living room as well. And the lights are all gone too. Been thinking about doing this for years…

  • Ok, the very first thing I saw was a person, despondent about the IOT, decides to end it all by hanging.

  • This has been a long time in arriving yet it ain’t here yet - it’s back ordered. So… a) What is Sparkfun’s best guess as to delivery dates? b) Does the entire ESP32 device work as advertised? For example, does Bluetooth work? Are there drivers for it? c) Any other caveats customers would like to know about before ordering one?


  • Referring to the wikipedia page on Parylene, there is indeed plenty of chlorine in the product.

  • Yes - the leds are independent of each other. You can energize them one at a time or both together. I bought one of these a few years back and just got it out yesterday to wire to an Adafruit Pro Trinket with their USB volume control software. I added a bit of pwm code to run the leds from green to yellow to red as the volume goes up.

  • There’s a bug on the survey question about the users preferred programming language. I didn’t check any box but filled in the “other” field. Then when trying to go to the next page, it said I must answer that question. So I clicked the javascript box but put a note that I don’t actually use it. I sent a note to customer service about it.

    Side issue: assembly language was not included as a choice; looking forward to see the results of the survey published here.

  • Just gonna ignore the few haters posting here and say “Nick: FANTASTIC POST!” And to Sparkfun: what a great company to be this inclusive.

    This is why I totally continue to support Sparkfun and Adafruit! Both companies support freedom for everyone, not just the supposed ‘mainstream’.

  • Yes - I did something similar once. And it was a career changer! After 4 years of floundering in college changing majors and just not ‘finding myself’ in general, I stopped at a Goodwill store and saw an FM receiver - tube type from the 50’s or so - and it was marked down to 2 or 3 dollars as it was non-working. I bought it, took it home and looked it over. Power on made the rectifier tube begin to overheat so there looked to be a possible shorted component somewhere. Further inspection showed a B+ wire passing through a sheet metal bulkhead had it’s insulation cut through. Replacing that fixed it. I felt so great at fixing it that I changed majors to electronics and had a successful 40 year career from that point on.

    So finding old stuff at a thrift store can have hidden unexpected benefits.

  • There was also a limited 7 bit version and since it was one bit shorter, it had only half as many characters. It was often referred to as “half-ascii”.

  • Whatever you are doing to make the text jump up and down the page while I’m trying to read it, PLEASE STOP!

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