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  • FCC certification has probably changed a lot from the time of this anecdote so keep that in mind. A "friend" who designed add-on boards for Toshiba laptops in the late 80's had to take them to a lab to obtain certification. To keep it short, he noted that the lab-technoid barely had the skills to run the test, RF-wise. Plus, the rules then stated that testing an after market product for laptops, ALL of the connectors on the laptop had to have cables attached. Since the cables were not terminated, they were hella radiators.

    First attempt: failure. The technoid showed him where high freq 'stuff' was showing up on the spectrum analyzer. Knowing what was going on, he said "hold on a moment; I think one or two of the connectors might not be plugged in all the way. Let me go check them".

    He walked out into the an-echoic chamber with a pocket full of clamp-on ferrite toroids and deftly snapped them on to the various cables plugged into the laptop. Voila! (or as often seen on the net: viola!) "Run the scan again Sam!" This time all was quiet and the unit passed.

    Am I advocating cheating? No, of course not. I would never stoop to such a level.

  • You indicate that this is a 2.5 amp-hour pack but the pdf you point at sez 2200mA-hr. Did I miss something here? Thanks!

  • "...can charge up to a maximum of 1000 milliamp-hours..." ? ? ? ? ? No. It can charge at a maximum rate of 1000mA. The bullet point in the video compounds the error: "1000 mAh hrs".

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  • Since you are building a delta printer, you may find some insight looking at others out there. I have a Dagoma Neva 3D printer and it attaches the head using magnets. This might not be strong enough for the weight of your extruder but maybe it will give you some ideas. You can find the manual for it here: "https://dagoma3d.com/apps/help-center#!neva-user-manual"

  • Quote: So hang in there, Nick. Tell your story, and be proud. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being disingenuous or exploitative. Be yourself. For every hater you see in the comments on your blog post, there’s 10 who loved it, and probably 100 who didn’t really think anything of it more than, “Oh, gee, okay, that’s cool.”

    That pretty much sums it up. "Be yourself". Once again, Nick, a great article on being human.

    Up front disclaimer: Yes, I am an Earthling.

  • Please oh please, please stop using the [expletive deleted] pictures. (...) I have some sort of condition that totally prevents me from reading text when the graphics are just flying past. BLINK BLINK BLINK!!! HEY YOU! STOP READING AND LOOK OVER HERE!!! NO, NOT THERE, HERE!!!

    It adds nothing and makes it incredibly difficult to get real information out of the site. In the 90's, it was white text with black background; now it's every possible effort to induce seizures in your audience.

    What is wrong with just putting the pics IN-LINE???

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  • Nice job! Being recently interested in 3D printers, I found your enclosure quite interesting.

    I'm sitting at home, waiting for the big brown truck to deliver my 3D printer today. At $250, I couldn't say no. If anyone cares, it's the Neva by Dagoma. Another engineer showed my hers and the parts it made were pretty nice. No heated bed and only PLA pretty much.

  • Good job - it looks well integrated rather than simply a bunch of leds stuck on some cloth. Safety and style well mixed!

  • Thanks!

  • Honest question: is it impossible to setup your web pages such that no data is downloaded for videos until the user clicks on something? Cause it seems that would solve many problems relating to slow browsing experiences. And people like me would not have to resort to using mozilla addons like flash-blocker and so on...

    I usually browse with java-script turned off as well for similar reasons.


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