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  • Nice project!

    And BIG THANKS for including a png of the schematic in your github! For those of us not using Eagle, it is much more convenient.

  • I don’t understand… where was the blindfold?

  • Wow: just noticed that this poster has a numerical ID above 1 Meeeeeeeeelion! Are there actually more than 1,000,000 customer accounts?? If so, that alone attests to Sparkfuns success!

  • Seconded… all important questions, the answers to which, can be found in the datasheet. Errrr, wait, there is no datasheet.

    Sparkfun, ALL of your similar portable battery packs need to have this information. Most of these that I have seen do have a minimum load current spec, below which, they shut off. And of course, behavior at high currents is also a valid question.

  • Nice work! Plus great job on the Baxandall analysis in LTSpice!

    Man, it’s been years and years since the last time I got to say ‘Baxandall’!

  • Not to mention this from the eff.org: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/04/trump-signs-bill-roll-back-privacy-rules-law
    wherein you will find this paragraph:

    That measure not only repeals the rules, it also prevents the FCC from writing similar rules in the future, throwing into question how much the FCC can do to police ISPs looking to trade off their customers’ privacy for higher profits. Because of the current legal landscape, the FTC can’t police ISPs either, leaving customers without a federal agency that can clearly protect them in this space.

    So, yeah, I’ll go with the eff.org version over your twisted fever dreams… referring here to the original post by #831693

  • There is no fine print on the bottom of the statue of liberty.

  • None just yet but have been getting interested in synths lately. I live mostly in the PIC archipelago plus have a long background in the arcane arts of analog. I just made a silly touch sensor from a brooch this one and when you touch it, it plays an MP3 file.

    My grandson is attracted to this stuff so I am constantly on the lookout for topics that he can explore. He seems to have some musical intuition plus a younger sister who is always right there watching as well. They are never too young to start and synth sounds appeal to them.


  • Very nice presentation! Is the source code for all these things available on the net? Also, does it only work on Teensy hardware?

  • Little children put nearly everything in their mouths; think of the leds getting chewed off and sticking in the throat of a little one… hilarity ensues.

    I wouldn’t give it to any child younger than 5 years of age let alone the 5 day old granddaughter I have. Just sayin…

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