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  • I feel like this is a perfectly reasonable expectation; I actually really like that about SparkFun. You/they seem to pride in empowering the layperson with advice and useful little tools / tricks / extra gadgets that they can use to make something spectacular without becoming an expert in microcode and protocol design.

    Honestly, this little board seems perfectly fine for what I might want it to do, which is exactly just to hook it up to an Arduino and start playing with Bluetooth. But, as was said before, I don't think that pointing out its reprogrammability is really fair to the layperson in that regard.

    This is a neat little board! It seems to even be great for those that are just above entry-level and want to do something just a little more than make their LEDs blink. But it's simply not worth pointing out that it can be reprogrammed, since, well, it can't, at least not by the layperson.

    Tl;dr: device: really neat. Product description: perhaps not as helpful as others found around the site.

  • This kit uses the new board, the IOIO-OTG, not the now-retired, original IOIO. Also, I will agree that this would be cool to have with Bluetooth, but in addition to, not replacement of, the wired version. That said, this kit looks awesome! I'm looking forward to a free moment so I can get/play with it... Though, with University, that might not come for quite a while.

  • This particular connector will fit into the following header: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8506

    That is exactly the product that you have an image of. So, to answer your question, this will connect perfectly.

  • This has been out of stock for a while... Any idea on when it'll come back? I signed up for the Autonotify a couple weeks ago...

  • It's linked in the product description; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-ohm_link

    "This format allows it to be placed on the circuit board using same automated equipment used to place other resistors instead of requiring a separate machine to install a jumper or other wire."

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