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  • creative idea! and nice write up!!
    what were your initial concept ideas for the needed sample speed?

  • higher density? DO IT ;-)

    --> use the APA102 2020 LEDs (2x2mm) :-)

    • this gives you better controller options (pocketbeagle / rpi / other embedded boards)
      as they have SPI-like clock and data separated...
    • and visually better as they are more camera friendly (higher pwm frequency)

    multiple options to use them:

    regarding power

    best case would be to have a 24V or higher supply line that goes up to the guitar -
    and then use several step-down (buck regulators) to translate down to 5V with high-amps output..
    i would target 10A per regulator - this way from the power point of view you can split up your hole screen in parts - and if something goes wrong only 10A can smoke - and not 100A...
    up till know i did not find any fitting ready made (small sized) modules for this..
    but there are controller chips for this kind of thing out there...
    if anyone wants more info on what i have found/researched so far let me know. and i will dig for my text file... ;-)

  • Hi Ron, i understand your idea to have someone to talk to - just in an relaxed way - throw around ideas and so on..

    i have lived in different cities and visited about 4 different (also in type) *spaces (fablabs, makerspaces, hackerspaces, and other communities) and till now only found one person where i have the feeling of 'someone' with whom i just can chat around and talk and think about ideas - i no longer life in the near - so we do this sometimes via chat.. but its not the same... one place to get toghether is events like MakerFaire and similar... i think its a good place to just meet other people... - they are eventually from the other side of the world - but hey - sometimes the can come from the same town or so too ;-) - thats the way i try to do currently - go to different events and meet people - get out there so i have the chance to make new friendships .-) :-)

  • Hi @all, for the LoRa thing have a look at thethingsnetwork.org they seem to try to get it as open as possible:
    quote from No Permission Required - Founders’ Letter

    .... Thanks to you, The Things Network is now active in more than 400 cities across 84 countries. Why? Because there is no permission required. The network is open and everyone is free to contribute, use it, and build on top of it.

  • the u8glib can use less ram than the hole pixels of the display needs - it can render the screen in parts.. https://code.google.com/p/u8glib/

    for the sharp memory displays there is a driver at (i dont have tried it.. just found it) https://github.com/pabigot/bsp430/blob/next/src/boosterpack/sharp96/u8g_bsp430.c

    i have used the u8glib with an EA DOGXL160-7 http://www.lcd-module.de/produkte/dog.html that has 160x104 pixel and 4 levels ( black, dark, light, white) it has worked with an atmega328 - in my final hardware i used a ATmega1284P - that has really much space.. so i could experiment with different libs.. i like the u8glib api - its simple and 'intuitive' ;-)

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