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  • Ya'll are currently working on my beloved port-o-rotary. I can't wait to get it back. I'm even wondering if there were any updates to the insides since I first purchased in back in '08.
    Only time will tell. And once again, the Sparkfun team rocks for taking the time to fix my phone!

  • How come luxeon rebels? Why not Cree XP-G? Latest and greatest. I seriously think if sparkfun had a CNC machine\mill\lathe, ya'll could churn out some serious custom lights. Then again, I'm a candlepowerforums.com addict with too many flashlights so pay no attention to the swamp doc behind the curtain!

  • I'm sure glad to see y'all got the gator proudly displayed! Not something you'd normally see anywhere in Boulder. Sparqphun rox my sox! Git er dunnnnn! -Dr. CB

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