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Just a redneck from back in the woods or perhaps a country gentleman that can bring the goods!


Doctor and pirate


CIA, NSA, FBI, NRA, Bachman Turner Override


Doctor Of Divinity (Universal Life Church)


Piracy, looting, pillaging, redneckin', loving, meditation, smokin killer bud


Flashlights, firearms, Buddhism, psychonautics, gadgets, off roading

  • Ya’ll are currently working on my beloved port-o-rotary. I can’t wait to get it back. I’m even wondering if there were any updates to the insides since I first purchased in back in ‘08.
    Only time will tell. And once again, the Sparkfun team rocks for taking the time to fix my phone!

  • How come luxeon rebels? Why not Cree XP-G? Latest and greatest. I seriously think if sparkfun had a CNC machine\mill\lathe, ya’ll could churn out some serious custom lights. Then again, I’m a candlepowerforums.com addict with too many flashlights so pay no attention to the swamp doc behind the curtain!

  • I’m sure glad to see y'all got the gator proudly displayed! Not something you’d normally see anywhere in Boulder. Sparqphun rox my sox! Git er dunnnnn! -Dr. CB

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