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  • This board is by far more superior than Arduino. I've been using Teensy++ and was very impressed with it's feature to become a Joystick at a click of a button! I'm using it to build a physical control panels for XPLANE simulators. their 64 Bit plugin for the simulator currently crashes on exit and is being worked on but the 32 bit is working just fine. More memory and pins at the same cost, using same Arduino IDE.

  • I agree, that fact that this board can run as a KEYBOARD, USB storage, MOUSE, MIDI, JOYSTICK and supports XPLANE!. No additional programming needed to do that, It would be a PITA to accomplish the same in Arduino. It is better than arduino, it's nice to be able to program in the same language and IDE.

  • This board is just as good as Arduino or BETTER. You can also use Arduino IDE and same wire language to program it.

    I highly recommend it

  • I have the first Arduino UNO, will this ethernet board work with the earlier versions?

  • I was sold by the line "ability to have the Uno show up as a keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc." but after some research I have found that it is not possible to do without reprogramming or serious modifications to the board. And I'm seriously considering to return the product. My expectations were not met.
    I think Sparkfun folks should update Uno product description.
    "Looking at the Uno schematic, they haven't connected up most of the pins from the ATmegaU8 (not even out to pads). So, lots of interesting LUFA stuff won't work without big changes (JTAG, AVR programming, SD cards as mass storage, etc)"

  • ChickT, these guys love to have fun... cant you already tell by their site? It's like using a dynamite instead of jackhammer, who can refuse that?
    In my days Soviets shaved ZX80 layer by layer to make their analog chip. That was just back a couple years ago.....

  • LOL, unbelievable.
    What you have bought is called $CD;> - (Fuflo) slang for "dysfunctional counterfeit, junk" in Russian language.
    It would be best to destroy this counterfeit stuff because of the marking ATMEL ATmega328.
    You should have mentioned name of the supplier so everyone else would be aware of them.
    Hope you did not loose too much on this transaction.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

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