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  • Does this revision 'cure' the cell-killing low-voltage bug of the previous versions?

  • When your need for meat exceeds normal levels...

    Shawn Brakes for Meat

  • I made a set of these on my own several years back (and even shared with the Sparkfun gang) and let me tell you they are really useful. There are just some things that don't like breadboards, and little expedients like these really help.

  • Sorry for the late reply, but I've found that if I carefully bend 90 degree turn in the pins out, I've got enough length to seat into breadboards with much better results. Great way to plug a LiPo into a breadboard project.

  • When the guys tear down the old set, I wonder if they will find the box that had the 6Ahr LiPo, Arduino, and Sparkfun adhesive bandages....

  • Ok, the awesome of Sparkfun is showing in that walkthru.

    Suddenly we see.... A Princess Dress, a Dombek, and an office being painted in a Elven candles and forest motif....

    Incidentally, have we seen the last of the "RedBox wall"? I mean, will that part of the classic Friday New Product Vid live on in the next set?

  • Am I right in thinking these look an awful lot like a huge box of 40pin IDE cables I have floating around here somewhere...

  • pin spacing is .075" +- .005" (by eye) The legs bend easily enough to fit into a .1" breadboard, but will prevent a flush fit.

  • A buddy of mine posted an Instructable on it, http://www.instructables.com/id/Demystifying-4-pin-addressable-RGB-LEDS/ includes example code.

  • No, they are not .1" spaced pins. You'll have to be creative with the pins if you need to mount them flush to a breadboard. Otherwise they work much like the way three pins parts like https://www.sparkfun.com/products/522 do.

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