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  • that schematic makes my head hurt…

    …. good luck figuring this out if you don’t have EAGLE…

    Source is IN-
    Gate is IN+
    Drain is OUT-
    OUT+ is just meant to confuse you :) …. its not connected to anything.

  • THIS PART CANNOT SWITCH DC LOADS. Please put this in the description so I don’t have to study so hard! thanks,

    Here’s some that switch DC loads called ‘optomos’, gotta love that description…

    180ma DC - http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/CPC1981Y/CLA203-ND/700422

    2.5 amps DC - http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/CPC1916Y/CLA209-ND/654909

    …. as noted below you can just design a mosfet circuit for these smallish loads but if you really need isolation here you go.

  • In the description, ADD the word transistor so it shows up when you search for a transistor.

    I feel like a lot of times I’m never satisfied with Sparkfun search results. Maybe I’m spoiled by google.

  • not very cool… its not 12am yet where I live…

  • Hilrose looks like they have a few you can easily solder…


  • yo, the above description is wrong.. you don’t simply divide voltage by 10mv/C… you solve for the temperature as Mark Ficket pointed out about below… happy temp. monitoring…

    ºC = 100 * V – 50.

  • so….. I mean how wet can this thing get? Its got metal parts so the button should cease to function and corrode if left out in the elements, right?