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  • Do you Need HELP!

    If you can run the Board Test and scan networks but have no connection with the WebClient, Smart Config or Connection Test. Also if your sketch locks up when initializing the CC3000 in the Adafruit library… you may try this……

    sorry as I’m not sure which one was the final fix

    • I used Arduino 1.0.5 or 1.0.6 per Adafruit’s suggestion

    • I used an external 12vdc power supply at the barrel jack

    • I used the Adafruit library sketch to upgrade the firmware


    Also don’t forget to change the pins (from 3 to 2) and (from 7 to 5) in the adafruit sketch if you are using a sparkfun board. Good luck!

    Update 7/19/2015: I had to roll back the firmware to version 1.26 = CC3000 firmware v1.12 to work with the Sparkfun Webclient. This actually worked fine in Arduino 1.6… but if I tried to use Fastconnect, it would only connect once and then fail on a second try. Therefore I ended up going back to Arduino 1.05 and used Adafruit’s fastConnect (called SmartConfigReconnect) and it reconnects without issue. It reconnects and posts connection details and closes in ~110ms…. vs about 7 seconds using WebClient.

  • that schematic makes my head hurt…

    …. good luck figuring this out if you don’t have EAGLE…

    Source is IN-
    Gate is IN+
    Drain is OUT-
    OUT+ is just meant to confuse you :) …. its not connected to anything.

  • THIS PART CANNOT SWITCH DC LOADS. Please put this in the description so I don’t have to study so hard! thanks,

    Here’s some that switch DC loads called ‘optomos’, gotta love that description…

    180ma DC - http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/CPC1981Y/CLA203-ND/700422

    2.5 amps DC - http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/CPC1916Y/CLA209-ND/654909

    …. as noted below you can just design a mosfet circuit for these smallish loads but if you really need isolation here you go.

  • In the description, ADD the word transistor so it shows up when you search for a transistor.

    I feel like a lot of times I’m never satisfied with Sparkfun search results. Maybe I’m spoiled by google.

  • not very cool… its not 12am yet where I live…

  • Hilrose looks like they have a few you can easily solder…


  • yo, the above description is wrong.. you don’t simply divide voltage by 10mv/C… you solve for the temperature as Mark Ficket pointed out about below… happy temp. monitoring…

    ºC = 100 * V – 50.

  • so….. I mean how wet can this thing get? Its got metal parts so the button should cease to function and corrode if left out in the elements, right?