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  • Problems with my Display I just want to share my experience, maybe it can help others. I bought my display from eBay. A dirty cheap bargain from Hong Kong. I must say that it is exactly as the SFE breakout board, but of course, it didn't work. The problem I had was solid black display screen. No matter the combination of bias and contrast values that I set. The unit wasn't totally defective, because under a strong lamp light you could see the display trying to show the letters and pictures that are in the tutorial for Arduino that I got from SFE. Finally, after a long time of trials, I fixed it--> The problem: the bezel wasn't tight to the board, so the contacts of the display didn't work well. Conclusions: You get what you pay, don't expect well manufactured products and tested components comming from China at half the price you pay here. And second, it is totally no good idea to start up a new development with new technologies with untrusty material. Maybe you can try some cheap components after you are sure that you are used to certain technology (a display, a sensor, whatever), but don't try to break the barrier of new knowledge and tricky materials at the same time; because you won't be able to know who is the faulty.

  • I give up. After 96 minutes writing captchas with "no luck" I'm convinced that I have better things to do.

    To prevent those super-smart-customers from cheating, you are making feel super-stupid to the rest of customers. I think that this is missing the point.

  • This is dissapointing. I'm feeling stupid wasting my time here writing captchas. This shouldn't be painful, it is supposed to be a gift, not a silly and time consuming activity with no interest at all.

  • I am after this concept since some weeks now.
    There is a few projects that I know to exploit the audio jack for communication:
    - Hijack
    - Tin-Can
    - HMB-TEC
    Hijack project is a university development which have not released any app on the Apple Store. But look promising.
    Tin-Can does have an application, but honestly, is not rich featured, it is more like a concept proof.
    HMB-TEC has beatiful and amazing apps like iMultimeter for iPhone, but they doesn't reveal the insides of their custom communication.
    So, I am looking for some app which is open and more universal, and with the first purpose to be a platform for tinkers and makers.
    Does anyone knows about such app for iOS?

  • Thanks, thanks, thanks!
    I feel lucky.
    Last year --> $0
    This year --> $50 loyalty option.
    I have already ordered a fantastic OLED display for my accelerometer badge project.

  • Can this beauty be charged with LiPoly Charger sku: PRT-00726 ??.
    This charger is based on the MAX1555 instead of the MCP73831T, as does the sku: PRT-10217.
    In my opinion it looks as it doesn't, because the MAX1555 says it is for Lipo only, and MCP73831T is for both Lipo and Li-Ion.
    It is a bit confusing, because the MAX1555 charger appears in the "Related Products" section of this button cell, but the Sparkfun recommendation is for the MCP73831T instead (see other comments).
    Anyway, an expert statement on this would be well received.

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