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  • In case this info helps anyone else, this SparkFun optoisolator (COM-00314) (Lite-On LTV-816) is reliably transmitting 19200 baud serial data between my embedded Arduino (ATmega328P) and SparkFun's FTDI Basic (DEV-09716). The embedded Arduino receives commands over an nRF24L01+ link and writes some debug statements to serial while it evaluates the commands and takes appropriate action. The optoisolator allows the Arduino project to remain powered by its power supply and let me view the debug statements in the Arduino IDE serial monitor without worrying if my homebrew Arduino power supply will damage my spiffy laptop through the USB path.

    Next step is to move the optoisolators and requisite resistors to a li'l PCB with headers so it can snap onto the FTDI Basic when needed. Different models might get faster baud but 19200 is the fastest I could get. YMMV. Hopefully that helps you in your projects.

  • I received a similar wrong kit. Rather than 10k Ohm (brown-black-orange) I received five 10M Ohm (brown-black-blue) resistors. I foolishly soldered everything together and found the problem during final testing with a multimeter. Sigh. I know, I know, RTFM.

    I'm sending an email to SparkFun to have them check this batch of kits.

    "So, solder pump, we meet again."

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