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  • I just came back here to suggest again that they should make this board. I am happy to order it in purple though. Thanks for doing this!

  • This thing is TINY. And I totally missed that it needs to be oriented at a 45 degree angle. Oh well. I made some 3D printed nubbins for them: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2979298 . I haven't got my PCB yet, but you can actually solder these to a 0.1in perfboard.

  • It does connect both signals at once if you push it in a corner direction.

  • OK, so with a little knife and solder work, I was able to use the addressable LEDs. Man, they are cool. I think SF should really consider recreating this board, and the 4x4 with the addressable LED layouts, especially if they can somehow make it difficult to buy the wrong one, or the wrong LEDs. Maybe they could put a few vias in so you can do some quick soldering to convert them. Once you see this work, with just one microcontroller pin, you'll see what I mean. I think I'm going to have to look into wiring several of these up as neighbors to make a big fat button display.

    Anyway, this is how I did it. With the addressable LEDs, the middle two pins are gnd and VCC, those need to be wired across all the LEDs the same. If you make the flat side of the LED line up with the silk screen, then the VCC is already all connected as the "BLUE". You have to solder all the grounds together.

    Then, you can look at where the traces are going on the board, and cut them so that the "GREEN" and "RED" channels are all completely disconnected from each other. This is because the "GREEN" of each LED is DIN and the "RED" of each LED is DOUT. So you need to wire the first DIN to your microcontroller, and the first DOUT to the second DIN, etc. I wired the last DOUT to another PIN, just so it wouldn't have to be a dead end.

    The traces are all pretty big, and you can cut them with an xacto knife. I just scraped a couple of mm out, and then tested with a multimeter. They are also really easy to see.

  • I finally got the schematic open (my problem, not yours) and it looks like maybe all the sources are tied to the Vcc of the charging circuit (so probably not 12V). I can't open eagle files, is it possible to just disconnect all the other stuff on the board and then connect my own 12V PS to the source pins? I'm trying to control one of those RGB LED strips with it.

  • I'm interested in this because it's a small 8 channel fet. Is it possible to switch 12V LEDs with this, using a 5V or 3.3V Control? I'm not interested in the power supply/charging, or arduino mini parts at all, just the fets.

  • OMG, Someone needs to make a settlers of catan game out of a bunch of these...

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