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  • Updating: I just figured out what's happening by analyse the I2C bus.

    This HMC6352 will only work with 100KHz I2C clock, which was mentioned in the datasheet too. Beagleboard running a 400KHz I2C on i2c2 by default, the kernel has to be re-compiled to modify the speed.

  • I was trying to interface this module with a beagleboard via expansion(1.8v-3.3v level) board. The problem is when I write 'A' - 0x41 to the module I can't get an ACK back. Then the reading result are all 0x00. Does anyone knows how to interface this tiny module with a Linux based system?

    The compass module works well with Arduino. The Beagleboard works well with I2C EEprom and temperature sensor.