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  • I dont believe I have that problem since I can calculate the bearing correctly - at least a 2axis bearing, still having problems calculating a 3axis bearing.
    Are you holding the board flat? That can affect the reading.
    I init the chip by reading the id registers for H43 and then setting reg 2 to 0
    To read I read 1 byte from reg 9 and send a i2c stop.
    If the value back has bits 0 and 2 set, I then do a read of 6 bytes (without sending a reg), i.e. i2c start, write 3D followed by 6 reads. Make sure the reg 9 read and the last read of the 6 reads are naked rather than acked.

  • It wasn't a tan, it was a big electrolytic.

  • I also had problems with the I2C not responding probably. I added another capacitor in parallel with C3, I used a 100uF because I had it to hand. I have had no problems since. I tried this because the same fix was reported on a couple of forums - diydrones and Surveyor robotics.

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