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  • News - Engineering Roundtable - … | last week

    what song is that?

  • Product SEN-12636 | about 2 months ago

    Huh. The performance specs on the gyro and accelerometer for the LSM9DS0 aren’t nearly as good as the specs for the MPU-9150. That being said, it looks like ST Mirco made the communication interface much easier to work with than the patchwork job done by InvenSense on the MPU-9150.

  • Product BOB-08552 | about 4 months ago

    I’d love to see one of these for DB15 (vga connector)!

  • Product DEV-11780 | about 5 months ago

    does the MK20DX128VLH5 have a (single precision) floating point core? i’m having a hard time finding any info online…

  • News - Free Shipping! | about 6 months ago

    It’s possible to spend less than $60 on an order??!?!?! >8-0

  • News - Promoting Science When th… | about 7 months ago

    I think Sparkfun is upset about the government shutdown’s impacts on them and friends/customers they know. I also think they are commiserating with federal employees and others that are furloughed.

    Please keep in mind that many of those furloughed aren’t involved with politics, but are still unable to go to work (for example, they might work at places like NWS, NOAA, NIH, NASA, FAA, CDC(P), FDA, NSF, DoC, EPA, everyone at McMurdo in Antarctica, etc).

    For example, you might consider the impacts on the following people: http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-antarctic-research-government-shutdown-20131009,0,5470281.story and http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/12/us/shutdowns-quiet-toll-from-idled-research-to-closed-wallets.html?hp&_r=0

  • News - Promoting Science When th… | about 7 months ago

    I’m not a lawyer, but I am a furloughed gov employee. I was told by my boss that as long as we aren’t directly engaged with sparkfun in a contract or a bidding process, then sparkfun isn’t a “prohibited source” for gifts. I translate this as “since sparkfun isn’t bidding or involved with any government contract that I am involved with, there is no conflict of interest and I can receive gifts from them”.

    sparkfunners: please feel free to email me for more info.

  • Product COM-08636 | about 8 months ago

    Fourtheded. I am heading over to digikey to buy one because sparkfun won’t take my money. :(

  • News - Meet SparkFun's Hackers-i… | about 9 months ago

    I’m excited to see the output of the quadcopter project. I’m hoping it will involve open source plans and wind up with a design that is competitive with ArudoCopter!

  • Product SEN-11486 | about 10 months ago

    sparkfun, please add the register map document to your list of documents in the description

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