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  • Sorry about the formatting of previous post, I am not able to post code here, form is little weird..

  • I am building a project in which I receive an image ID over Xbee and I use that ID to display the appropriate image on the LCD screen. These images are being read from an SD card. Since my project involves both Xbee and SD Card, I decided to use the Wireless SD shield ( I am seeing some strange behavior occuring with regards to the LCD. For accessing the SD card I am using the SdFat library. Since the Wireless SD shield connects the Xbee directly to pins 0,1 (RX,TX) of the Arduino Uno, I am just using Serial.print and to send and receive data. For displaying images on the lcd I am using the latest version of the gLCD library.

    The problem I am facing is as follows: First when I receive and ID through Xbee, I use that to display image on the LCD and everything works fine. However after an iteration of the loop(), when I receive another image ID, I call the DisplayLetter function but it doesnt seem to do anything on the LCD. It is very strange and I have not been able to figure out what is going on. Any help is greatly appreciated. The LCD I am using is Nokia-11062 from (

    my DisplayLetter function: void DisplayLetter(char *fileName) { int BR, BG, BB, FR, FG, FB, tempInt; SdFile myFile; if (!, O_READ)) { sd.errorHalt("Opening file for read failed"); } graphic.SetBackColour(BR,BG,BB); graphic.SetForeColour(FR,FG,FB);
    for (y = 132; y >= 0; y--){
    for (x = 132; x >= 0; x--){ unsigned char val; char ch2 = (char); char ch1 = (char); int dig1, dig2; if(isdigit(ch1)) dig1 = ch1 - '0'; else if(ch1>='A' && ch1='a' && ch1='A' && ch2='a' && ch2

  • Yes, I would like to have the code for displaying images. Thank You.

  • Yes, the display works after loading the Phillips driver code. I did not realize the new breakout out board LCD was changed from epson to phillips( green color connector to black color connector). Thank You very much for the help. Also have another question. Using your library, how can I load a picture on the screen? Any help would be appreciated. I was able to convert a picture into 12bit hex values, but not sure how to load them into LCD.

  • TCWORLD, I have both the old (LCD-08600) and the new (this one) Color LCD breakout board. When I use your library and load the examples using Arduino UNO board, I see it works on the old breakout board but not this breakout board. Pins and connections are correct. Do you know what I might be doing wrong? Anything new i need to do for this breakout board that didnt need to be done for the old one?

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