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  • Interesting that your plans for this fan were so similar to mine... I am building a double barrel meat smoker and have constructed a "manifold" of sorts from 1" black iron pipe tee-d into two 3/4" pipes with holes drilled along their length. This is inserted into the lower barrel, bringing the pipe out the end of the barrel. I intend to seal up the combustion chamber very well so the ONLY combustion air available to the firewood is what I pump through the manifold apparatus so that I can closely control temperatures in the upper barrel or smoke chamber using an Arduino as a PID controller, taking inputs from thermocouple and thermister inputs. I intend to drive the fan forcing the air through the manifold using a 12 v system with variable speeds using a PWM control by the Arduino through a Darlington transister circuit.

    Unfortunately, I did not encounter your comment until now -- after I've already ordered this fan. Luckily, the 5 dollar loss won't be a huge burden on me ;). I like your idea of using a ducted fan for RC jet plane... I do happen to have some speed controllers for some RC projects laying around. I'll have to research if I can send usable PWM info from an Arduino to an RC speed controller...

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