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  • We need more bearing choices

  • I think several options exist. You could have 1 object per heat and first bot to capture it wins points and would then have to locate its team lead after crossing the finish line, approach and stop in front of the team lead for extra points. Or (more difficult) you could have an object assigned to each team for them to retrieve from different locations. From what I've seen, the vehicles get dispersed pretty quickly in the heat. But avoiding other vehicles is part of the challenge. It is up to the designers to choose and implement a mechanism to grab or pickup an object. The object cant be too big or heavy or the small bots couldn't attempt it or too small to locate. I'm thinking something like a Rubiks cube. Big enough and colorful enough to locate but won't roll away to easily. Since this would add time to locate and pickup, the points awarded should be worth the effort and might allow a differentiation between the purely fast machines and slower machines with more functionality. Right now the fast machines rule the AVC ground competition.

  • Maybe an object for a ground vehicle to retrieve and extra points for finding and delivering it to the team lead after crossing the finish line?

  • Thank you for this excellent series of tutorials on how to setup and use the Eagle electrical design and PCB layout tool. Learning this tool is something that was on my bucket list and you made it easy and quick for me. After 1 day of going through your tutorials, I was able to capture a board electrical design and convert it from a hard wired prototype to a PCB in less than 2 days.

    Thanks again.

  • I am thinking of it as a "KEEP OUT" zone. Try to design your system to either physically or logically not consider data from within that zone.

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