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  • From my observation, these pulse were NOT always scattered. Sometimes they were scattered but at other times a few pulse came to my board for a minute.

    If you haven’t seen this problem with your test board, I want to know why I did and you haven’t. Environmental factor? Cs137 from Fukushima? (Definitely no. I confirmed that the place where my board sits is not contaminated by radioactive. - it is only 0.05uSv/h)

    Anyway, with my modified firmware, any false pulses have been disappeared. (I should say “ignored” instead of “disappeared”.)

  • When I had this problem, the firmware of USB Weather Board running on my board was your v1.2 code.

  • I don’t change from RJ11 cables originally connected and don’t extend them, so their length are probablly 10 fts long.

  • I’m sure that sitting of this rain gauge is very steady, because it is on the ground to examine what is the problem.

  • I modified the firmware to solve this problem.


  • I bought one and connected to my USB Weather Board. All sensors but Rain Gauge seem to work fine. I have a trouble with my gauge that it sometimes counts up without any rain. Yesterday, although there was no rain and humidity was less than 60%, it counted 25 times in a day!

    Does anyone have the same problem?

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