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  • I wish there were mounting holes for a 3.3V regulator..


    Here is one that can be used in hydroponics, food, and laboratory equipment. Sparkfun should stock this.. they already stock the pH kit from this company.

  • It appears there is no provided code that will fetch the RTC Real Time Clock's time to synchronize with the system clock. I decided to write one. You can find my code at the following forum thread:

    I use the wifly shield with an Uno R3 and with Arduino 1.0

  • It does appear that there is a one connection limit. I'm disappointed this wasn't made more clear in the product description. I may have purchased differently had I known this in advance.

  • I just got this sensor in and saw mention elsewhere that the wifly only supports one simultaneous connection?! The ethernet shield supports 4.. is it true this product only supports one connection at a time????

  • Had some trouble getting this sensor to work with my Uno. I finally was able to get it to work by using this library: I did have to change the baud rate to 9600.

    I then attached the sensor to 3.3V, Gnd, and Digital Pin 5

    I did not need a resistor or capacitor to allow this sensor to return reasonable results without error.

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