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  • So i was trying to use the blink example in ide 1.8.5 and pin 8 or LED_BUILTIN and no blink but i kept getting micronucleus telling me thank you, I grabbed the atto84 to unplug from usb and the led glowed dim. Finger probes showed pin 2 was making the magic happen so i just used pin 2 in the ide and I have a blinking led. Whats up with that?

  • super cool project! Have you looked at the fuel injectors spraying? Do they have atomizing tips or just spray a stream? Any idea of what fuel consumption is?

  • Yeah I should have sorted by sales rate (nice!). I was thinking that for me most of my projects include a lcd,light sensor, some i2c stuff (temp sensors real time clock,led rgb controller) and then maybe some relay or motor or speaker and a mcu (picaxe). My breadboards always end up super messy and then I rip it all apart to build my next project. I could benefit from a flex line of products where all the pins are broken out on the same side and then I would have a breadboard that on both sides would have clothespin like connectors for the flex that would be connected to the breadboard strip of 4 or so holes inline for wire connections. I also have issues finding the perfect enclosures when I have a finished project so with the flex I can slide the board in and just make it fit. An adapter for through hole chips (14,20,40pin) to the flex would be nice to free up space on the breadboard.

  • Its not a single idea but make all your highest selling BOB's flex.

  • I had my volume up way to loud for that intro.

  • did anyone else get the email from Radioshack asking for feedback from the diy community? I laughed because I only saw it cause I was checking on my order from Sparkfun.

  • Ya I had to refresh chrome to get the video.

  • Thanks for doing the math for me I was going to do it tomorrow(I know its not that hard to figure) but waking up at 6:00am for free day is no problem I get up at 6:20 usually and Ill be more awake for the boring drive to work if I get free stuff!

  • A little confused at how you got your values for green and blue unless you made them dimmer by having a larger value resistor to help with the low intensity of the red. 3.5 volts @ 30 ma with 5 volt supply should be in the range of 56 ohms right? I just got some of these and I think I will do the same as you cause I want to use them with the blinkm master.

  • well im not sparkfun team but its been in a lot of posts, The credit does NOT cover shipping and if you buy multiple items and some or one is backordered you will pay shipping for both the stocked items and the backordered ones.

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