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  • I found the product manual from Benewake’s website to be helpful as it has more information than the datasheet. Thought I’d share the link here.


    Here are last year’s classes and rules (including the logistics class).

  • The cool thing about the logistics class is that it can all be completed teleop, but you get 3x or 5x point multiplier for a task for completing it autonomously (depending on the task). That way you can knock out one task at a time in development. At least, based on last year’s rules.

  • I would love to see the logistics class come back. It’s structured nicely to have more than just a couple people working on it (important for university teams).

  • Did some emailing and it sounds like it could make a return if there’s interest on next week’s post. Be sure to leave a comment if you’re interested in competing again as I am!

  • My University has a robotics club and we were planning to compete in the AVC for our first competition but I see the logistics class was cut! That was really the direction we were hoping to go and were prepared to go. I imagine it’s probably too late at this point, but we would really love to see the logistics class return. The chassis we worked on this last year and spent out limited budget on wasn’t built for speed… or combat.

  • No logistics class this year? Dang I was really hoping to compete in that.

  • I have been wandering through the bowels of the city for days. Does anyone know where I am?

  • We said they could plan the Christmas party this year… What have we done!?

  • You guys are doing amazing stuff at Sparkfun. I am continuously pleasantly surprised by your guy’s effort to promote inovation in the DIY community. I would not be nearly as far in my electronics work if it weren’t for what I have learned here at Sparkfun and the inspiration I receive from your posts. Thank you Sparkfun Electronics; I appreciate every one of the employees for their contribution to the community.