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  • Alright, I am guessing it is in fact a power issue as it can receive calls w/ no problems and sparkfun says based on the datasheet that this module can be finicky about how power is provided to it (specially in the moments of greater current draw) i.e. first transmission when it starts up and during a call: exactly where I am having difficulties. Currently I’m using an AC/DC adapter running at 4,5v, 1amp… will look for a more suitable one.

  • I’ve run into the problem Member #322389 pointed out

    ������IIII SystemInit +ADSYS: BK=0x1,0x11, RV=0x1, Fail=0x0 +ADSYS: FLASH VERIFY OK


    If I type:


    I get: +CREG: (0-2)

    and for: at+csq I get: +CSQ: 21,99 (varies from time to time, so I guess my antenna is working fine)

    When I want to send a message I do:

    at+cmgf=1 OK


    at+cmgs=“NUMBER TO SEND SMS TO”

    My Message

    Press ctrl+z (currently using GNU screen on mac)… the SMS is sent and delivered on the other end, however when I try to make a call to a local number it hangs up with a “NO CARRIER” error

    Quickly typing enter twice returns

    +Call: Abort Call +Call: Disconnect Call


    But still fails to establish the call

    The AT+COPS=? command shows, after a long time this:

    +COPS: (2,“”,“”,“43320”),(3,“”,“”,“43330”),(1,“”,“”,“43350”)

    I would expect to see something like TELCEL, MOVISTAR, NEXTEL, etc. as available networks since I am in Mexico City. I’ll see if I can figure it out and comment here in case someone else ever has this specific issue again. I hope someone can give me a clue on this as well.

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