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  • Hi… I have hooked up an rn52 and have it successfully streaming audio out via headphones or speakers. Now I want to attach a sound an Electret microphone part 09964 so I can use it as input.

    The rn52 has mic r-, mic l-, mic +r, mic -r, m bias… while the electret microhpone only has aud, gnd, vcc.. - so I figured just a mono connection - which would be fine…

    So I hooked aud to mic -r and mic-+r, gnd to gnd, vcc to +3v.v.

    Fire up the rn52 —- and when I tap on the microphone I don’t hear anything…

    Not sure what I have missed in the wiring — I have several other similar boards from adafruit and parallax - all doing the same thing… So I figure it is more in either the connection or an rn52 command I haven’t set.

    Any help?

  • I just received the analog amp meter, and I noticed that the reader is off by a few milliamps.

    Is there a way to adjust the reader?

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