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  • I recently bought this from a UK seller, and the range with the built-in antenna is 2 inchs at most at full power with the 5V from a bench power supply, and even then with lots of CRC errors. This is practically useless as a "long range" reader - if you only need that range, it's better to use the much cheaper NFC readers. I suggest they should probably just sell this part without the built in antenna? I'm waiting for arrival of an external antenna to see what range it can manage.

  • Bought one of these months ago, only just tried it out, and it totally failed. "Busy" light illuminated for about 15 seconds then went out, no matter what file(s) were on the card - formatted as FAT (using example ad4's from 4D's site). No sound at all through speakers or DAC output. Put a scope on the outputs, and got a flatline. Was running it at 3.2v (via a bench PSU).

    So I decided to have some fun and get some sound out of the module by winding the bench PSU up to 36v and switching it on - the SOMO-14D made a nice "pop" sound - hehe!

    Would not recommend this, to be honest - you can just buy a cheap MP3 player for under $10, wire the "keys" from it to pins via an opto-isolator, and get better sound, and not have to re-encode everything to a low quality format!

  • For anyone considering buying one of these second hand, or old stock, there is a design flaw in these boards that prevents the ethernet controller from resetting correctly. This problem doesn't seem to occur on all boards, and then on some more frequently than others. I found from the 40 boards I had, around 40% of then would fail to power up correctly, with 5 of them always requiring a manual reset (pressing the reset button) upon power on. There is a fix for it, involving some soldering, but you cannot trust these to work in a project box without modification!

    As mentioned elsewhere, the voltage regulators also get extremely hot if the unit is supplied with 9v or more.

    I would suggest buying the official Arduino Ethernet board instead - I've had no problems at all with those units.

  • Just wanted to add my voice to the people who are perplexed at this product being discontinued! I'm in the middle of a project that requires a lot of these units. The arduino+ethernet shield is a bit clumsy compared to this, as well as requiring a lot more space. I was about to place another order for quite a lot of these, and found it's no longer available.

    Anyone know of a drop-in replacement, or when a successor will be available? I'm on a schedule, and need to use something in its place...

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