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  • Product WRL-11217 | about a year ago

    Anyone know what the diff is between this and the S2B? Digi’s site and specs they seemed very close but not exact (but not enough in my mind to justify a whole new model number LoL) I know this can do transparent and API… is programmability the only REAL diff w.r.t. S2B?

  • Product TOL-11219 | about 2 years ago

    Have recently tested this and several others, all of them so far have worked reasonably well with a Win7 x64 VM running under Parallels (MacBookPro, MacPro). Screen refresh is approx 15 to 20% slower than native at 1920x1080x32-60 but acceptable for the most part. Worst case, a cheapo AMD APU or Core i3/i5 ITX system works, as would BootCramps.

    Disclaimer: I ended up selecting the QuantAsylum QA100 over the MSO-19 et al, for price/performance ratio, and the larger (2M) sample buffer.. If you only needed the LA part though, within this range the LogicPort would be your best bet. This is for portable/small bench use… as light as they are I still don’t carry the Rigol or Tek in my travel pack LOL

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