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  • I've been using this board with my Arduino for a couple of years now and am generally happy with it. I added in a few breakout boards now too. I have the outputs connected to relays (both mechanical and SSR) running some light strings (LED and incandescent). But all along I have had an issue with it. I occasionally get a "flash" from most of the channels, meaning that all of the channels light up for a brief instant. This occurred when using the single board without the breakout boards. I am using the Rugged Audio Shield and another shield holding a micro SD card. I tried checking if I was sending a command to the shield to turn on all the lights, but nope. I also did a get at each step to see if something was getting set, but nothing showed up there. Still some more work I plan to do to try to figure out what is going on, but am hoping that someone might have some thoughts.

  • Yep, it's the same force that causes you to look at something horrendous and then can't look away.

  • The boxes were filled with all kinds of stuff. A couple of T-shirts, Simon Says soldering learning kit, Raspberry Pi (Model A), heat gun, a bunch of shrink tubing, some cool stickers to put on my projects, MP3 Trigger (got some new ideas for that one), solder, mini breadboards and jumper wires. Really cool and awesome! Thank you SparkFun for the great stuff and new ideas!

  • I am trying to use this shield to control some some relay boards to control some 120v LED Christmas lights. This board is hooked up to the SainSmart 8-Channel 5V Solid State Relay Module Board and also SainSmart 8-Channel 5V Relay Module. I can't get the lights to fade. It appears that I am getting some PWM going as the LED's on the relay boards are acting as I expect. But the 120v Christmas light LED strings blink instead of fading. Any ideas? I believe that it is a zero crossing issue, but not sure how to fix it. Not sure if the relay module could support this as they are physical relays. But the SSR is advertised as supporting zero crossing. Thanks