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  • I'm curious as to whether this sensor is capable of detecting the pressure changes in a 2U server case.

    Let's say I have a full rack (23") 2U server going all the way back, let's then imagine that the internal compartments of the server are carefully sectioned off and have high flow 80mm fans for the primary induction stage (for HDD cooling), let's say we're using Delta's 80MM FFB0812EHE which according to it's datasheet can produce a pressure differential of 0.24" H20, let's say we have three of those in the primary stage which brings our positive pressure to 0.72" H20, if we convert that to in HG we get about 0.052959 which works out to 179.3 pascals.

    However, if as the user pmatil asserts, the accuracy of the sensor is within 1hpa and not 0.03hpa (clarification please?) I'm in a conundrum about choosing it.

    A 180 pascal pressure differential would probably be at the high end of what these fans could produce, and I'm interested in much more fine grained monitoring of the various subsystems airflow over time.

    Could someone please differentiate accuracy from resolution as it pertains to this sensor?

    Also, while I love the selection of sensors here at SF, I must note a relatively sparse selection of airflow sensors, there is only one anemometer and I'v seen much smaller handheld anemometers available for under $25, if all that is required is a free spinning magnetic rotor and a hall effect sensor, then such a sensor would be very valuable indeed for all sorts of applications.

    The only other notable offering is from Modern Device and it uses a different technique which measures electrical resistance vs temperature in order to approximate a wind speed. I believe their product model number is: MD0545 (it's a breakout board) and the chip in question there is the TMP421.

    Your time is appreciated

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