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  • Sparkfun, your company is a sign of humans, in a world of cold hard businesses. No other business i ever saw did what you did today, so yes i completely agree that what you did was awesome. Unfortunately, the way you did it, i do think was slightly flawed, and unfortunately people who were excited to order items to use were not able to do so... I found out about free day they day it was posted because i check the site regularly. for the month or so in between the first announcement, and the actual day, i knew about free day, i was excited about free day, and i already selected what i wanted. I was very excited to receive my arduino mega for FREE considering its too expensive for me to buy, but its very much what i need in order to complete my projects. It very much upset me that i couldn't put my order through, but finding out people just purchased items to resell them made me very angry. The best thing would have been to limit the free day to previous purchasers from the site, because that weeds out freeloaders. Yes, it may stink for the random electronic enthusiast who just stumbled on th site, but hearing that people purchased just to resell would have made it worth it to close free day to previous purchasers.

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