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Member Since: March 11, 2012

Country: United States

  • Find out : the computer corrupted the Sd card. reformating the card make its working with latet firmware.

  • Hello,

    I get an OpenLog with firmware v1.51 as I remmeber. I have a standard FTDI cable.

    I downloaded newer firmware through the git repository. I can upgrade sucessfully to any firmware version. I Only have Rx-Tx wires with Vcc-GND. I power up openlog whild pressing enter with: avrdude -p atmega328p -P COM2 -c stk500v1 -b 57600 -Cavrdude.conf -U flash:w:main.hex

    It's programming without error. However, open log is only showint one 1 at hyperterm when starting. I do not have anymore 12>.

    What's going on ? any ideas ?

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