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  • My backlight started to act funny too when I used code from just the LCD library. I think it has something to do with it not controlling the led. But, I had to upload code from something that used the backlight like the voltmeter example and the backlight came back on. I'm by far no expert at this but that's what I did to fix it. Hope it helps.

  • So... I bought this thing and I'm confused on what to do with it. I got it all put together and after about four hours finally got something to show on the screen. I soldered a IC socket on and didn't realize that I have to have the IC in there for it to work. Yeah I know.....but, because in the few paragraphs above "you don't have to use it as an arduino". Anyway, I put in the IC and I was amazed something showed up, sweet. So, here's the confusing part for me, why do I have to have the atmega chip in the LCD and also a atmega chip in the arduino? I don't have a FTDI Breakout just yet, but I'm getting on soon, I'm thinking that if I want to use it as a clock I would want the LCD to be programmed with the sketch and all of the other things to make it work. Because you definitely can't upload code to any atmega 328 and slap it into the LCD and expect it to work. So if anyone has any info that could help me that would be awesome, sorry for the rambling on.

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