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  • I found these boards very difficult to use. They would work very well with a lot of planning and would cut down on the need for jumper wires, but I was constantly cutting the wrong jumpers when I flipped the board over. It would be easier to use if the board was single sided.

  • I have read that you can safely charge a LiPo at a maximum rate of 1C, so if you have a 1500 mAH battery, then you should not exceed 1.5A if charge current. The maximum charge voltage per cell, I have read, is 4.2V. As always, if the battery gets hot while charging, stop the charging process, as it means something is wrong.

  • I use my audio jack breakout on a breadboard, and put a 10K resister from the RNG to TIP, therefore eliminating the need to include it on the picaxe download circuit. It saves a little space on my picaxe boards.

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