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  • What are the parts used to build the enclosure?

  • For 7-Segment LEDs, I've used 74HC595 as a shift register for bit shifting, and when I need to display several 7-segment LEDs, I wired several 74HC595 together in series. What would you recommend for driving 48 LEDs? I could daisy chain 6 74HC595 together, but seems kinda inefficient. What do you recommend?

  • I've been wishing for two things for a while now. 1) That there was an option to purchase Pro Mini boards with headers pre-installed (just down the two rows, not on the FTDI pins... or solder those pins on the top side), and 2) there was more of an ecosystem for Pro Mini boards (by this I mean, make shields for not only the full Arduino Uno, but for Pro Minis as well... kinda like what Microduino did.

    What would also be nice, is to offer Pro mini boards with headers, and to offer a "Pro mini to Arduino shield" adapter, kinda like the Microduino Uno adapter shield (, but for Pro Minis.

  • Glad to see you fixed the error with the DIN pins on the MIDI board. Any plans to also update the MIDI Breakout board (BOB-09598) as well?

  • +1 I look forward to coming here on Fridays and watching the new product videos, but they've been pretty meager ever since the move into the new building (so several months now).

  • Wouldn't shipping the faulty units back, fixing them, then mailing them back out be cheaper? I didn't purchase a Microview, but if I had, I would be sympathetic to your issue. I don't know if everyone is that way, but I would have tried that option first.

    I do very much like your openness (willing to own up to mistakes, document what happened and what lead up to the problem, and then making things right).


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