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  • just found this http://ams2000.com/stepping101/stepping101_PowerSupply_2.html
    So I guess it comes down to mA???
    Ill let you know what color the smoke is cause my power supply is 24VDC

  • quoted from above - EasyDriver requires a 7V to 30V supply to power the motor and can power any voltage of stepper motor
    I have some motors from various printers that are 2.7V - are stepper motors able to handle different voltages if supplied with 7 - 30 VDC

  • I told you not to eat so many prunes - then you had to go and drink a whole pot of coffee - I told him the zippers stuck ha ha - hold on buddy I almost got it

  • I was just browsing Makershed when I came across a solar cell - "gee what could I use this for" - wonder what SPARKFUN has and here you go the answer is only a click away. Im in

  • I'm a bit bummed today -I just bought this GPS and its already the old version. I just found the lastest and greatest LS20031 for the same price and it tracks 66 channels @ 10Hz. I thought I saw a post about a firmware update to 1.xx. Anyone got info about he update???

  • Dude - I clicked and clicked and clicked - but could not add one to my cart - OH its a poll - make them all available

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