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  • Purchased four DG01D-E’s at end of June 2020. All four worked as expected. Average measurements of all: No-Load Volts:RPM ranged from 3VDC : 44RPM linearly to 9VDC : 157RPM with 4.5 VDC : 73 RPM. No-Load current ranged 3VDC : 15mA to 9VDC : 27 mA. Stall currents – 4.5VDC : 154mA, 6.0VDC : 199mA, 7.5 VDC : 254mA. All H1 and H2 signals were uniform 50% duty cycle square waves. When voltage was applied + to M+ (red wire) and ground/- to M- (brown wire) H1 lagged behind H2 by 16.7% or 60°. I assume the offset is a best practice for quadrature encoders. Measured 135 H1 pulses per output shaft revolution. H1 and H2, rising and falling signals should result in 540 state changes per revolution. Without disassembly I can’t confirm gear ratio or number of encoder disk poles. I also purchased the 65mm wheels (ROB-13259) and removed the rubber tire which left a 48mm diameter pulley of sorts. I attached a variable weight (pill bottle with pennies) to a string did some rough lift load experiments. Results for approximately half No-Load RPM at 24mm from output shaft: 4.5VDC : 90g : 90mA : 35RPM, 6.0VDC : 120g : 112mA : 52RPM, 7.5VDC : 150g : 140mA : 66RPM

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