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  • Hi Mike,

    Just wanted to tell you that your post inspired me! For April fools I adapted your design for the traditional Arduino Uno and made a few tweaks so it would play music from various setlists (I used Bill Porter's mp3 library) appropriate for moving up or down. It was great fun! Here's a quick video if you're interested:


  • A couple points for newbs like me who try to use this tutorial with the Arduino Uno (R3):

    �You should use the 3.3V source on the Arduino, but you'll need pull-up resistors between VCC and SDA, as well as between VCC and SCL. I used 4.7kOhm.

    �SDO and CS should be connected to VCC, so that the the chip is in I2C communication mode, and at the default address. Otherwise you'll get weird intermittent errors that will drive you batty.

    caveat: this is my first Arduino project, so I could be missing something!

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