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  • I really want to no what that component is CET12A3.5 in the include list it just states BUZZER with no link. when I look through your products its used on lodes of other Sparkfun boards but I don’t see it separately. the closest I find is https://www.sparkfun.com/products/7950 are they the same thing. I have a CET12A3.5 that I guess came in one of your kits and it is relay annoying me having no data sheet or reference for what it is.

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  • why, when i search sparkfun for 'ADM2004D' do i get no results, i found 2 of thease in my stash of bits and bobs and desided i would have a play, so i wonted the data sheet, i searched sparkfun for the part number on the back of the board and got no matches. it took me hours to find this page. sigh

  • SparkFun Eagle Library. link above states "GitHub page not found" i tried googling "?sparkfun eagle library?" to be sent to the same invalid link

  • Can anyone tell me what else I would require to be able to program and upload code to this chip? I have only really ever worked with PICs and I’m guessing my PICKit 3 will be no use hear. I am using Windows XP. So can someone suggest a programmer or whatever I will need to get started? I notice someone talking about XTAG2 that is discontinued hear with no replacement for whatever reason. Can sparkfun please make it more clear what I need to by along with this chip to get going?

  • I am struggling a bit with this sensor and I am hoping someone might be able to shed a bit of light for me. I have connected two of these sensors to a PIC24 that basically reads each sensor 1500 times and records the highest reading from each then forwards the value to a second PIC24 set up to display the values converted to amps using two 4 digit 7-Segment Displays. Amazingly, all works perfectly. Well under test conditions anyway. As soon as I disconnect the PICKit 3 programmer from the board it start getting spurious readings and my readings can be up to like 5 to 10 amps out and fluctuating. It must be something to do with noise or earthing or something as it only does it when not connected to the computer. But this is proving difficult to test as in works when under test. Cry. Any suggestions.

    Side note:- As already mentioned, bring on the 100 amp clamps. I have a few from eBay and there much more use. Sorry sparkfun. I do try to be loyal.

    Undated:- Spoke two soon as always, 10uF filter cap fixed it.

  • is it me or when i click the "Blank Faceplate" link in the description text above do i end up at the wrong page? :)

  • i second this, would realy like to be able to set up my own at wat ever length i wanted

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