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  • nah it works fine. update firmware and try. likewise also do hardware reset


    hope this answers.. the concept is the same if u use arduino or other microcontroller using SPI… wikipedia spi and i2c to get basic info. and look at library and try to figure out the way from there

  • Three things required to make the library work in Arduino 1.01 IDE. I am using arduino uno r3 stacked with this wifly shield…

    1) Understand the program carefully. Library is good but has few flaws, might need to re program for added functionality.. Im adding UDP packets looking at other libraries. should not be too hard…. Id advise to follow the speaker jet tutorial and look at water sensor project…

    2) Change the struct for SPI configuration as stated in tutorial comments. So will require to change the header file conf… struct SPI_UART_cfg SPI_Uart_config = {0x50,0x00,0x03,0x10};


    struct SPI_UART_cfg SPI_Uart_config = {0x60,0x00,0x03,0x10}; if doing the tutorial for speak jet…

    In the library the struct changes in SpiUart.cpp and only has two bytes and need to config other bits in the header file

    change it to from something else to

    struct SPI_UART_cfg SPI_Uart_config = { 0x03, 0x10 };

    3) Try to run all the library examples.. The problem I got stuck with was with the server example. So I developed my own server using the tutorial and that seemed to work however the example server did not . Found that it was just a delay of 200 ms required in void loop() function at start… there should be delay just before server is checked again..

    delay(200); WiFlyClient client = server.available();

    That should make the library run ..

    hope it helps and there is my weekend…

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