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  • i didn’t see enough noise to make this ‘unusable’ but i did see some strange jumps every once in a while. for example, for one sample, x would increase a lot while z would simultaneously decrease a lot. suspicious…

    taking into account what others have already mentioned, i made the following change to the firmware (sorry for pseudo code) and i seem to have eliminated those random jumps.

     if (!channelChanged){
      do the normal ADC_vect
      channelChanged = true;
      store ADCL and ADCH in a temporary variable
      channelChanged = false;
  • for what it’s worth, here is how i programmed this module using winAVR.

    1. install arduino
    2. install winAVR

    3. in the source code directory on github, edit the Makefile. I was programming via the built-in serial port, so the options of interest are under Programming Options (avrdude serial bootloader) [line 336] You need to change SERIAL_AVRDUDE and SERIAL_AVRDUDE_CONFIG to match your arduino install directory. no spaces allowed in the path!. You also need to change SERIAL_AVRDUDE_PORT to match the port you are using (it was COM1 for me). Finally, change SERIAL_AVRDUDE_PROGRAMMER from stk500v1 to arduino.

    4. open a command line and navigate to the accelerometer dongle source directory.

    5. run the following commands:
    6. make clean
    7. make all
    8. make program_serial

    that’s it!

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