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  • Well, yeah, if you are getting FIFO overflow, you are not emptying it out in time so something must be using too much time. If you are generating PWM signals for the servo with the same processor that reads the MPU then you could easily overflow the FIFO. I mean if THAT'S your configuration. It also means your sensor is set for free running reads. You might have to take fewer reads or find some way to trigger a read only when you want it. Just a shot in the dark, not knowing what you are actually doing all this is just speculation on my part. Hope it's useful though.

  • Yes, That's normal, if it didn't drift...THAT'S when something is wrong.

  • That's pretty common, you need to allow a settling time for the gyros and accelerometers to stabilize. I wrote a routine that delays and then does 50 reads to average the offset so I can set my outputs to "0" on a different invensense IMU. Over time there will still be error and I have had some modest success with a modified Kalman filter. Still not perfect and for some reason the I2C bus likes to hang. Very annoying so I have never managed to complete my work with the Kalman filter to the point I would feel safe using it for navigation. I understand there is also a Madgwick filter mentioned in an earlier post that seems to work well but someone with greater knowledge would have to address that subject.

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