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  • Hi guys ,

    I need some help with shield. I'm using arduino mega 2560 and the pin are set SPI: 53 (SS). 51 (MOSI), 50 (MISO), 52 (SCK), DREQ in 28, MP3-CS 30, and MP3-DCS 31. I'm using the latest sd library with this lilte code to setup.

    define MP3_XCS 30

    define MP3_XDCS 31

    define MP3_DREQ 28

    pinMode(MP3_DREQ, INPUT); pinMode(MP3_XCS, OUTPUT); pinMode(MP3_XDCS, OUTPUT); pinMode(MP3_RESET, OUTPUT);

    digitalWrite(MP3_XCS, HIGH); //Deselect Control digitalWrite(MP3_XDCS, HIGH); //Deselect Data digitalWrite(MP3_RESET, LOW); //Put VS1053 into hardware reset

    Serial.begin(9600); //Use serial for debugging Serial.println("MP3 Testing");

    //Setup SD card interface pinMode(53, OUTPUT);
    if (!card.init(SPI_FULL_SPEED),9) Serial.println("Error: Card init"); if (!volume.init(&card)) Serial.println("Error: Volume ini"); if (!root.openRoot(&volume)) Serial.println("Error: Opening root");

    And de results are

    MP3 Testing Error: Card init Error: Volume ini Error: Opening root SCI_Mode (0x4800) = 0x4800 SCI_Status (0x48) = 0x48 VS Version (VS1053 is 4) = 4 SCI_ClockF = 0x0 SCI_ClockF = 0x6000

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