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  • Anybody knows the maximum sampling frequency it can reach? My experimental results indicate it can only reach 22Hz, which is very slow. Please give some suggestions on how to boost the sampling frequency. I am expecting a 500Hz sampling rate. Many thanks!

  • Thanks for your quick reply! Much appreciated.

    What the datasheet shows is a chart about the correlation between Rs/Ro and the PPM values. I am wondering whether I can use this chart for calibration since I do not have professional equipment which provide the accurate concentration information.

    Assume I can do a simple calibration using the chart. Is the sensor's output (the output is an integer value ranging from 0 to 1023 I believe) the Rs/Ro value? Please correct if I misunderstood the datasheet. Many thanks.

  • Does anyone know how to interpret the output of this sensor? I follow the connection in the Wiring example. And the output is integer values I believe ranging from 0 to 1023. However, how to convert this reading to the PPM values? Thanks!

  • Thanks for your quick reply, much appreciated!

  • Dear staff,

    Do you have anything like this female headers but with longer legs? The longer legs should help a lot!!!

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