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  • I have a HMC6352 compass. It is connected to PIC18F4520. I get the compass readings and send them to MATLAB through Xbee wireless modules. Frequently, the compass stops working and I2C code of PIC is suspended suddenly and consequencly an error is generated in MATLAB. I caliberated the compass repeatedly. the compass readings are: 272.7 290.8 278.8 276.1 277.6 282.7 284.1 276.4 285.6 270.6 and so on, It looks noisy and unstable although I mde a caliberation for the compass Does anybody have suggestion to overcome this stunning and suspension of the compass ???

  • Hello, I bought a Xbee 1mW Chip Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4). I tried to make a communication between PIC microcontroller and MATLAB software. It works very well at small distance e.g. 1-4 m but if distance becomes larger the communication between them is lost whether was inside or outside . although in the datasheet of Xbee was mentioned that the distance can be 100 m outside. I read the power level, it was at the highest level. both xbees version is 10EC, I used two breakouts; one for PIC and the other has usb connection. I only changed the data rate to 115200 bit/sec. moreover, I tried xbees at 9600 bps but with same results which the signal of communication was lost at around 4m. is there any configuration parameter that I should change??? I don't know what I should do to reach to 100 m distance ??? would anybody help me??

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