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  • Can I second the request for some worm gear options! Matt

  • Yeah, a AD9854 based one with the option of having an external 10MHz ref clock input would be really useful. I'd like to see the maximum frequency be a minimum of 50MHz, preferably 100MHz.

  • Yeah, I've seen the amateur ones - trouble is I don't have much skill at building. But as I can't find a commercial one either (I hoped you might have come across one on your travels), it looks like I'll have to build one. And then figure out how on earth to calibrate it.....

  • Interesting, but I'd also like to see you offer an good quality (but really cheap!!) infrasound detector - i.e. down to around 0.02Hz.

  • My replacement part arrived from Watterott a couple of days ago. I've just got the chance to wire it all back up and everything now seems to work fine. Cool! Thanks.

  • OK, email sent. Thanks.

  • I'm using a Uno to talk to the board, and have tried most of the code examples above to do the I2C - but they all give the same result. I think the only explanation is that the sensor is bad, but I probably can't return it as I can't prove its the sensor at fault and I've also soldered a SIL header onto it. Sigh.

  • I'm having some trouble with this sensor on my Uno & Maple. When I read the int for the temperature all I'm getting out is 0xFFFF - and I'm sure I'd notice if it was that hot! The calibration data seems to be coming out ok:

    Reading Calibration Data AC1: 6574 AC2: -1087 AC3: -14387 AC4: 33903 AC5: 24939 AC6: 20628 B1: 5498 B2: 57 MB: -32768 MC: -11075 MD: 2432

    So I don't think its a simple I2C error. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.

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