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  • What material is this? I'd like to cut out a hole to mount a display, but my library's makerspace won't put anything in the laser cutter unless they know what it is and whether it will produce toxic fumes when laser cut.

  • Is a 3.3V FTDI Basic required, or will a 5V connection safely drive the 3.3V Mini over the programming headers without risking damage to the board or any 3.3V devices connected to its I/O?

  • This seems rather obvious with the 5/3.3V silkscreening under the header, but just to be absolutely certain: I can safely program and operate this with a 5V FTDI without risking damage to the board, right? And likewise, if I've got it plugged into my computer over the FTDI cable, the voltage from the I/O pins will be safe for 3.3V devices even if the board itself is running from 5V USB over the FTDI connection?

  • Is there a dimensional diagram somewhere? I'd like to print an enclosure for this and would prefer not to have to take measurements myself if the diagram's already out there.

    e: nvm, the STLs are linked on this page.

  • The Kickstarter page indicates that "Voltages below 6VDC are for hackers that wish to drive the ATmega328P and LDO beyond the datasheet's limit." Does this mean that if I power it from a LiPO through a 5V boost converter I should expect flaky performance unless I e.g. down-clock it, or should 5V be a suitable power supply? The programmer board would be providing 5V from the USB after all...

  • Sounds easy enough. Thanks!

  • If I have an FTDI cable, can I program this over a breadboard without buying the programmer module?

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