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  • "No amount of theory can prepare you for when the amplifier you just built suddenly decides to start demodulating FM."

    Everyone who's ever built a guitar effects pedal on a breadboard knows exactly what he's talking about right here. I caught an interesting interview through my bass amp while building a fuzz/octave pedal just the other day.

  • From the data sheet, I'm seeing 13k to 15k mcd.

  • You can program one in C that does have the bootloader installed using the arduino IDE, or you can use AVR Studio (or whatever prefered IDE), AVRDUDE, and a command line workaround. There's a good tutorial for that here. If you reset the arduino right after starting AVRDUDE, you'll access the bootloader at just the right time and program your .hex file instead of whatever the bootloader would normally do.

    Your bootloader is necessary to program over the integrated USB/Serial connections on the board, but this is your best bet if you don't want to buy more hardware.

  • There are higher resolution cams available for wholesale (see url posted somewhere above). It'd be awesome if someone would make them more available to the home user, although I don't know if there's enough demand to justify it.

  • I believe you can use an ICSP AVR programmer like this on your arduino.

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