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  • Cool, A3/A4 are just fine too. Thanks for the heads up!

  • So.... How would I go about setting SERCOM up to use D8/D9 as an I2C bus for connection to another device, say an RTC module? I would like to use this in conjunction with a 3in LuMini to make a clock.

  • NEVERMIND!! It's MUCH simpler than that. I just simply selected the Sparkfun ESP32 Thing as the board, selected the port and uploaded the Blink sketch. That's it. No special bootloader needed.

  • I loaded the esp32 Thing with MicroPython because, well, I could. Besides, I wanted to see what that environment looks like. After tinkering around for a while, I realized that MicroPython doesn't support BLE yet. And, as usual, I will be using this "Thing" in an environment where I can't use WiFi, but BlueTooth or BLE are just fine. I see BLE is supported in Arduino, so here is the question:

    How can I get the Arduino Bootloader back on this board?


  • [EDIT] 2/24/19 I found the messages below answering this question[/EDIT]

    Apparently this board can now be run on CircuitPython. I have found lots of tutorials on how to run CircuitPython, and how to install CircuitPython. The problem is, all installations for SAMD21 boards are for Adafruit products. I have even found a .UF2 file for this exact board. What is missing is instructions on how to get this .UF2 installed on this board. It shows up as a USB device with a port assigned, but never as a USB drive. All instructions on using Arduino to install are for an .ino file that can't be found anywhere.

    So, how can I install CurcuitPython on the Sparkfun SAMD21 mini Breakout?

  • After looking at the data sheet for these, I had come to the same conclusion, but had to ask just in case. Thanks PickledDog!

  • Having not worked with the ATtiny84 yet, I have a simple question. Is it possible to connect both an I2C device and an SPI device at the same time? Specifically, I would like to attach a Nunchuck (I2C) and and NRF24L01 (SPI). These make up a simple robot remote control.

  • Are there Arduino and RPi libraries for these? If so, where can they be found?

  • Not that I'm impatient, well, OK, yes I am, but is there any estimated ETA when you will begin shipping? I know the message above says stock will be approximately 2280 by March 30, but it used to say around 1500 by the 15th. So, it is really hard to tell what to expect. Thanks!

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