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  • I would like to improve the range of my XBee S1 w/ chip antenna. Can I simply swap the XBee modules? I already have Xbee Explorer USB and XBee Shield. (I understand I will also need an antenna).

  • Is this all rubber or is there a metal nut underneath? A photo of the underside would be helpful. What is the construction material?

  • I would like to see the example circuit you were able to get the 500ft range. I am interested in knowing the antenna configuration + groundplane. Were you able to use something like ANT-315-HETH from Linx technologies?

    Also - Supply Voltage - I have seen some of these have a range between 3-12v. Is the 5v the maximum? The data sheet says 1.5 ~12V. Do you have estimates of range based on voltage. Trying to go 100m.

  • 420-450 mHz is allocated to: RADIOLOCATION,, Amateur, S5.286, US7, US87, US217, S5.282, US228, US230, G8, G2, NG135. Private Land Mobile (90), Amateur (97) .

    In the US... I think it is fine in Europe and perhaps other countries. No mention of 315 mHz, so one would assume it is free for all. It may be interesting if everytime your neighbor fires up their HAM radio that the lights in your house turn on or off. It would be nice to offer encoder/decoder chips too. Like Holtek HT12E and HT12D.