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  • I feel your pain. I found this security sim card which, if you use allot of data might be not the great thing. But for IoT this might be good. http://www.quicksafe.co.uk/security-sim-cards-c32/text-call-security-sim-card-unique-email-feature-p41 - Also I found this, SIM900A GPRS board, that also can be used as a positioning system with 100-10metre accuracy based on triangualtion :) Otherwords, free GPS. Text messages and simple UART /SPI interface, I found one for 20GBP from Persia or something. Make sure the base band is 900/1800 cause some cheap ones only work in China, doh!

  • Its standard sized so I think it will only support 3G, maybe HSDPA+ if its in your area. I thouhgt LTE is only supported on Nano SIM’s

  • Haha, Do let us know how much data you leeched before they throttle you. :) If it works at all :)

  • Sorry, in EU. The thing is it costs 6 pounds a year to keep alive. So if I put 50 pounds on it I can place a temeparature monitor in Poland, and as long as it had power I would be able to communicate with it with simple messages for about 3 years. I think the application is very important. I get it, this product would be great for AcessPoint tethering if you travel allot, or even if its cheaper than you can get with any GSM provider in your country as Internet at home!

  • Yea I see your point. For me, I was thinking of using it like on an arduino with a uart gprs modem to send me some simple information from time to time. Like 1MB maximum per month. That would be a big waste using this SIM card. But… I understand that this can be a massive saving for people in other countries or for application that stream allot of data. So.. sorry for over reacting

  • That would be pretty awesome for access point if you travel allot. Data charges outside EU are horrific.

  • Who knows? They didnt provide terms and conditions. Unlimited could mean 1GB LTE then the rest is served at EDGE speeds and if you really over do it then take GPRS.

  • This is the best offer I could find for never expiring credit (50pence monthly keep alive cost), for any GSM anywhere in the world. You can get data/text/voice or the whole thing. http://www.quicksafe.co.uk/security-sim-cards-c32/text-call-security-sim-card-unique-email-feature-p41 This is obviosly the best solution for tiny data, sending large amounts of data even if it supports 3G, then not cost effective, but like sending JSON to a web service on events, or just the ability to recieve SMS and decode it to do stuff. 5 bux credit can take you a long way

  • Please attach a link to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS!

  • You could always use an SMS gateway via WebService if it didnt. Or sparkfun could attach terms and conditions link for this SIM and we would know exactly what unlimited means.

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