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  • I think that the biggest potential issue may be temperature fluctuations in the glider, which may cause fluctuations in battery output. Beyond that, in terms of a logger, the best option would probably be to roll your own. The OpenLog schematic is simple enough, so that it shouldn’t be too hard to integrate the SD card directly into your design. That way, you’re only dealing with one Arduino, instead of two. In terms of logging analog data, I’m confused as to why you couldn’t simply log the 0-1024 integer as text in the log file. In terms of the graphic display, it may make more sense to opt for seven-segment displays with hand-written labels. Not only will they be easier to control from the Arduino, but they will also be easier to see, since there is a large difference in contrast between the numerical values, and the labels which describe them. With the graphic LCD, you’d need to actually read all the text on the screen, before understanding what it was saying.

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